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Instantly import your assignments, quickly organize your schedule, and ditch that mid-semester feeling of chaos.

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College can suck

The constant deadlines and grading can really take a toll. According to the APA, more than 60% of students are struggling with mental health in one way or another.

... But it doesn't have to

Good organizational skills can reduce stress related to schoolwork. By being organized, you can have peace of mind about upcoming assignments.

We can help!

Easily become as organized as you've always wanted to be by using Homework Muffin.

The Recipe for a Great Semester

Here's how it works. Follow this recipe to stay organized throughout your semester:

Step One: Import

Get an idea of everything that needs to be done. Our app will import all your assignments instantly from your syllabi.

Step Two: Atomize

Break those assignments down into smaller chunks so it's easier to keep track of them. Homework Muffin will do this automatically for you.

Step Three: Plan

Set aside specific time to get specific assignments done. Our app helps you block off time each week and reminds you when it's time to focus.

Step Four: Focus

When it's time to focus, put a muffin in the oven. Your muffins will bake while you focus. If you end focus early, your muffins will be ruined. Earn rewards for focusing.

Our Origin Story

Homework Muffin was originally called Launchpad. Watch our founder pitch the original idea below!

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Made for students, by students.

Back in 2021, a student named Joel Kendall was overwhelmed by the organizational demands that school placed on him, so he created Homework Muffin. Here's how we can help:

Automatically track your assignments

Break assignments down into smaller chunks

Organize and balance your calendar

Build healthy study habits

Eliminate distractions

Study the right things at the right time

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Get Organized Faster with Premium

Premium tiers are coming soon. Those with early access will be the first to try!


What Our Students Say

We've helped tons of students get organized fast. Here's what some of them have to say!

Homework Muffin translated cluttered Canvas schedules into a calendar format I could understand and use. It greatly helped me stay on top of upcoming assignments!

Spencer B.
Spencer B.

Cedarville University, Class of '23